OKB Goes Online!
14 January 2021

Orgullo kan Bikol (OKB) – Regional Trade fair, now on its 25th year, goes online for the first time ever! This year, we will bring the Bicolano’s pride and heritage right at the fingertips of our buyers. With COVID-19 still prevalent across the globe, Department of Trade and Industry Region 5 (DTI 5) took initiative in following health and safety protocols, thus “OKB ONLINE”. In just a click of the button, buying the best Bicol products has never been this easy and accessible.

The regional trade fair has consistently been held in Manila since 1996 and is spearheaded by the DTI Region 5 with OK Bikol Association, Inc. as a private sector partner. It is also supported by the Department of Tourism (DOT) Region 5 and the Local Government Unit (LGUs) to promote the products of the six (6) Bicol Provinces.

This annual marketing and cultural event is the longest running DTI-organized regional trade fair in the Philippines. Using an online platform, the annual fair will be mounted from a physical trade and travel fair into the digital space. Through this, the general public will have the opportunity to see and purchase products by our Bicol MSMEs.

OKB Online will be launching on with 150 Bicol producers and exporters. The online platform will not only be a simple website that runs the virtual event but a Progressive Web App (PWA), designed to work best with smartphones and will act like a mobile app. It allows local merchants and exhibitors to “own” a virtual booth and give them complete control of their own account so as they can showcase their products online and sell them to an even wider audience.

With the right technology and digital marketing support, it can provide MSMEs with access to the global market 24/7/365, making the virtual fair more than just a one-time engagement.

The launching of this platform will be an exciting opportunity for our homegrown entrepreneurs and through proper planning and execution, DTI 5 hopes to keep OKB Online alive in years to come.

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