Online Selling and Digital Promotions
20 April 2021

Online Selling and Digital Promotions uses social media, phones and other electronic devices to advertise or sponsor a product or service. Online selling maybe called “live selling” and digital promotions usually uses visual ad, written or video shown on the internet.


This topic will discuss the basic knowledge and strategies on how to effectively reach and communicate with the online market, what should be the content of the ads displayed, how to gain more likes and sales, how to gain trust and positive customer reviews, and how to win new customers with referral marketing.



Mae Ann Gino Navales


Ms. Mae Ann Gino is a graduate at Bicol University and gained her LET licensure last 2017. She is currently employed at CS Creativity and Simplicity Photography as the Branch and Sales Manager at CS Events Management.


Part of her expertise is developing and implementing Online and Digital Marketing by promoting brand awareness through marketing efforts.

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